“I have loved all forms of art from a very young age. In fact, I can even remember always doodling something or other during lessons at school, spending most of my time sketching, painting, and even sculpting! I was always inspired by music, dancing, and plays, which I then would express in my creations.

My style is photo-realistic, and I have an eye for detail which is clearly demonstrated expressing the direct influence of my Graphic Design training.

I love to draw anything “alive” as I always find it a challenge to capture the emotions or thoughts behind the eyes of my subjects. I believe everything has a personality, and that the eyes are truly ‘windows to the soul’. That is why I tend to love Ball-point Pen, because I feel that it gives me an even greater drive in the pursuit for perfection.

I currently reside in Hartbeespoort with my husband, Stefan, and two sons, Aidan and Nathan, who I believe are my true inspiration... not to mention number one supporters.

This talent I have received I know is a blessing from God, and I hope to honour His Name in all that I do!"

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